Aliens and Boats at Muni , paper, canvas, thread, wood and LED lights, 20x26 inches, 2017

Aliens and Boats at Muni, paper, canvas, thread, wood and LED lights, 20x26 inches, 2017

Case Jernigan: ASTEROID

december 15th - january 12th

reception: Thursday, December 14th 6-8pm


Artist Statement

When I took off my thick childhood glasses at night, monsters rose out of the blurry shadows. I carried an arsenal of lights to chase them away, a flashing sword, glowing figurines, a strobing visor. With these lightboxes and paper works I drew from my memory and sentiment. I tried to work in the same mental space as a young man, when fabricating worlds and slipping between them was instantaneous. To follow a small detail toward a big adventure; to value exploration, borders, maps, mazes, cross-section picture books, comic heroes and zigzagging Saturday morning cartoons. Of course it's impossible. We grow and mature and worry and experience loss. It becomes harder to simply release, to slip into another space. These works represent an attempt to get there, to let those feelings merge with the powerful modern forces acting on us - all consuming artificial social structures, close minded politics, and an overburdened planet. But beauty exists too, laid before us in so many forms, the texture of an ancient mosaic, the bleed of ink onto handmade paper, a friend’s spontaneous song, a boat half sunken in the shallows, the rattle of traffic in this thrumming city, the spark of a falling star.

Artist Bio

Case Jernigan grew up by the sea in Charleston, South Carolina. He drew flying heroes and hairy monsters across every school notebook. He studied classical history and painting at William & Mary and in Italy, where he promptly and helplessly fell in love with Piero della Francesca, Giotto, Brunelleschi, and his wife, Cassandra. He moved into a cold but light filled studio in East Williamsburg and began to play with paper and ink. A child of the 80’s and 90’s, early influences upon his drawing roared back- history picture books, illustrated Greek mythology classics, retro video games, Saturday morning animation and comic books. He has exhibited paintings and drawings across the East Coast and screened short films in New York, Berlin and Amsterdam. He makes illustrations for the New York Times and brands like Adidas and Nike. He crafts short films out of paper and drawings, which have been selected as Vimeo Staff Picks and commissioned by The Guardian, Chelsea FC, Major League Soccer among others.


 41 Noble Street, Brooklyn NY 11222     (Corner of West & Noble)                           e.