The Black Walnut Farm
 The Black Walnut Farmhouse was built in 1790. Its history is as rich as the land is rests on. Built by the Terry family, one of the first families of Hogs Neck peninsula in Southold, NY, the Terry’s owned the many acres behind the farm and in front of it, stretching to the bay on both sides. Many years on, the Wolf sisters inherited the house and donated what was remaining of the large property to the Peconic Land Trust and so next door the land is preserved as part of that promise.  But not every owner was so kind. By the time we got our hands on it, termites and decay nearly overtook the house. We like to think we caught it just in time.  No matter how time has worn it, and how long it lay stagnant under former hands, the land here has remained alive and rich. It sings in every season. And so we named it for its black walnut trees; a unique and unlikely grove among the wild acres that remain intact.  Restorative Moments is photo journal of our slow and steady progress of restoring this farm and unearthing its potential through modern design with old-fashioned roots.
 When we bought BWF in October 2015, we lived in the small empty rooms and slowly explored them. This was a tiny room at the front of the house that held the most warmth - with the only working fireplace, with paneled trim work around the windows, with a secret cabinet behind the mantle where I found old glass bottles. I hung my rose quartz here. We found an old farm door in the basement, cleaned it up, laid it across sawhorses and made it our dining table those first months.